welcome to my homepage
it's a scrollable space but it scrolls horizontally in circles,
folding back into itself

this place is still growing and evolving.



  • Elements by Element

    prints, code

    prints graphic interpretations of the file folder structure of a USB storage device, according to different themes.


  • Actual Art Tips by Actual Artists

    installation, book, code

    an installed system that extracts and broadcasts the most popular art tips from Youtube, one sentence per day.


  • Personnal Data Blade

    3D printed object, code

    custom daggers generated with code based on personnal data Facebook archives.


SUN ♑︎ - ASC. ♌︎ - MOON ♍︎


I'm part of (RIGHT IN) THE FEELS, a group show that takes place online and in Brussels, among a lot of other cool people!
I'm presenting My Favorite Color, a poetry DIY blog about slow posting.
The online opening is Monday September 14 with a guided tour, performances and DJ sets, join us for an emotional net art party.

13 September 2020



i code and make stuffs that end up as physical and/or online installations.

i'm interested in forms of poetry emerging from our dayli interactions with digital material,
and ways to reconnect with modern informations ecosystems.

i like to think about systems and automatised processes as sensible mediums.

Experimentation and Poetry

[soon clickable links...]

  • quelques palmiers
  • speedrun rave
  • slightly illegal asmr
  • color book remix
  • cellular automaton based on my child drawings
  • accidental metal logo
  • a walk